Clitheroe Town Council Serving the People of Clitheroe

The Town Council has had a mayor since its inception in 1974 and its predecessor the Clitheroe Borough Council has had a mayor since Victorian times.

The Mayor is elected annually every May by the ten members of the Council and he represents all the people of the town in their role as first citizen for the next 12 months.

During their term of office the Mayor attends many events in and around the town. The three most important ones are the Mayor-Making ceremony, the Mayor’s Civic Sunday and Remembrance Sunday.

At Christmas time the Mayor makes Christmas visits to residential homes and Clitheroe Community hospital.

The Mayor also makes 90th Birthday and Golden Wedding Visits.

The Mayor is also involved in several local organisations where they hold an honourary title. Some of these organisations are Pendle Club and Clitheroe Concerts Society (as President of both), Clitheroe and District Scouts (as Vice – President) and Clitheroe Organ Society (as Patron).

The current Mayor is Councillor Donna O'Rourke who is supported by her Consort Councillor Simon O'Rourke.

Please contact the Mayor's Secretary, Mrs Janet Meloy, on 01200 424722 if you wish the Town Mayor to undertake an engagement.

Past Mayors of Clitheroe Town Council

2023-2024  Jonathan Hill

2022-2023 Jenni Schumann

2021-2022 Simon O'Rourke

2019-2021 Stewart Fletcher

2018-2019 Pam Dowson

2017-2018 Maureen Fenton

2016-2017 Mark French

2015-2016 Sue Knox

2014-2015 Val Cooper

2013-2014 Kevin Horkin

2012-2013 Allan Knox

2011-2012 Sue Knox

2010-2011 Alan Yearing

2009-2010 Mary Robinson

2007-2009 David Berryman

2005-2007 Allan Knox

2003-2005 Joan Knight

2001-2003 Mary Robinson

1999-2001 Alan Yearing

1997-1999 John McGowan

1995-1997 Stephen Holt

1993-1995 Howel Jones

1992-1993 Denis McWilliam

1989-1992 Patrick Shepherd

1988-1989 Ian Brown

1986-1988 James McGhie

1984-1986 Howel Jones

1982-1984 John Cowgill

1981-1982 Robert Ainsworth

1980-1981 Leo Wells

1977-1980 Robert Ainsworth

1976-1977 John Blackburn

1974-1976 Leo Wells




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